• Miracle II Laundry & Therapeutic Ball

Filled with Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer, pop the ball in the washer and let it go to work! The 209 rounded spikes all around the outside of the ball gently scrub and massage your clothes with loving care. At the same time, the Miracle II Soap makes the water softer and breaks up the water molecules so they can reach further into fabric and clean better. Using Miracle II soap and the M-II Laundry Ball are the only clothes cleaning products you need. Pretreat stains with Miracle II Soap. For clothes with grease on them, use an extra half ounce of Miracle II Soap with the ball. Only God could do this to water so we could have a natural solution for cleaning our clothes without the usual soaps, detergents, and phosphates. No need for anti-static solutions. For fabric softening, just add a little Miracle Neutralizer in your wash.

It's also a "Massage Ball"!

Roll it over the places that hurt -- over your skin and scalp and under the feet. The ball's 209 rounded spokes gently yet masterfully massage the blood vessels, nerves and pores in each square inch of your skin for a wondrous feeling! The ball should last for years... maybe the rest of your life! More Information.

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Miracle II Laundry & Therapeutic Ball

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