Reflexology is my favorite therapy; it has helped me so much with multiple ailments.  With self help reflexology you press on your own hands and feet.  The hands and feet reflex to help all parts of the body.   It so simple and natural, an age old therapy found in most if not all cultures.  The structure of the hands and feet matches the structure of the body, top to bottom:

     The fingers and toes reflex to the head  and neck..
     The knuckle area on hands and the ball of the foot to the chest.
     The softer middle part to to your tummy.
     The bony heel to the hips.
     Where the two hands or the two feet  touch when you put them together is the spine reflex.
     The outer sides of the hands and feet reflex to the outer sides of the body.
     The left hand and foot to the left side of the body and the right hand and foot to the right side of the body.

You press deep enough to tell which reflex areas are more sensitive.  The ones you feel the most need it the most.  Press to your individual tolerance; to the good hurt amount.  Press intermittently, not trying to do it all at once.  You often need a full searching session, covering every fraction of an inch.  Then focus attention where you feel it more.  That's the beginning simplicity with more details to follow.

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