Too Busy, Too Worried, Too Hurried?

Some stress can be good to spur you on to greatness.  However, too much stress is a concern as we hear that 80% of modern physical illness and disease is due to stress.  The famous flight or fight response for survival creates tension.  That would be good for a fight or a flight, but today the tension is often more from psychological than physical threats, so the tension does not get released. Stress can cause insomnia, overeating, negativity, etc., which can then lead to physical ailments and disease.  

A holistic lifestyle approach is a basic anti-stress remedy.  Combinations of diet, exercise, rest, relaxation, clean air and water, meditation, therapy, nature, socializing, deep breathing, grounding/earthing, biofeedback, etc., are vital.  There is so much good advice on the internet; there is even an American Institute of Stress ( since 1978.  For that elusive quick but powerful exercise regimen, try “Peak Fitness” Nitric Oxide Dump by Mercola (

Then There is Reflexology

Reflexology:  Before, During, After -- Prevention, Remedy, Maintenance.

Reflexology is ancient, probably done in all cultures.  In modern times it is gaining recognition as a complementary or alternative therapy.  Double-blind studies have confirmed its efficacy.  The hands and feet are a compact reflection of the body.  Press on the reflexes in the hands and feet to help the whole body.  Amazing.

You don't have to study the Reflexology charts, science or history in order to start helping yourself with this wonderful modality.  You can learn details, but the benefit is from the pressing.  Healing messages are then automatically sent through the body. 

For a great lifestyle advantage, use Reflexology while improving your lifestyle.  With Reflexology you can start de-stressing and feeling better immediately.  Really, just try it and see!  Continue using Reflexology for overall health.

Stress Creates Tension

You feel tension especially by the neck and shoulders.  But the stress can cause detrimental tension anywhere in the body without one being aware of it; for instance, tension in the organs, blood vessels and glands.  This affects the body's delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, as well as the removal of waste toxins.  Then one can be left with the now infamous problem of inflammation.

There is even an International Association of Inflammation to share research on inflammation at:    Have you noticed that while experts spout that 80% of illnesses come from stress, separately they declare that 80% of illnesses are from inflammation. Well, stress results in tension, constriction, and blockages, which then cause inflammation.

So Important to De-stress

Reflexology to the rescue.  Reflexology is famous for relaxing the muscles. Then the blood, nerves and lymph are not blocked or constricted, and allow the body to do its natural self-healing.  Of course, please also keep improving lifestyle and try to limit the input of toxins to avoid non-emotional causes of inflammation.  Body massage is good also.  But Reflexology is especially potent.

Secret Sauce

Likely you have heard benefits of a basic foot rub.  Reflexology and self-help Reflexology go further than that if done repeatedly with emphasis on the areas of the hands and feet where you feel it more.  That's the secret sauce:  Where you feel it more where you press, you need to do it more.  

I Was So Run Down

Reflexology has helped me so much.  I was so run down, suffering from chronic tiredness, hypoglycemia, allergies, joint pain, etc.  Using Reflexology on myself helped me so much that I made the DVD on Self-help Reflexology to share the benefits (  The information on the DVD is simplified for the layperson. You don't need to learn all the theories and research. You just need to start.  You have the advantage to learn quickly from my decades of experience.

The Next Big Clue

After repeating the pressure more where it is more tender and where it hurts more, the next big clue is to do a full searching session: to be sure to find all the areas where you feel it more and need to do it more.  There are so many interactions in the body among the organs, glands, muscles, etc. that we are not typically aware of.   So it is better to do the full search, finding all the areas in need.   As you intermittently repeat the pressing, the soreness on the reflexes disappears while the area the spot reflexes to in the body is relieved and restored to good health.  

If only I had realized sooner the necessity of full sessions, my health improvement through Reflexology would have been much quicker.  You don't have to wait to notice health problems, just use the full session approach combined with doing it more where you can feel with the pressure that you need it more.  Focusing on prevention and maintenance, you are not so likely to need any remedies.


And, you can enjoy being less stressed. 

Special Side Effect

Then proceed to a special side effect: the better you feel from Reflexology, the more you want to continue improving your lifestyle.  This is because when you maintain the habit of Reflexology for prevention and maintenance, you don't want the Reflexology to be an urgent, desperate need due to ailments that are preventable through good lifestyle choices.  The revitalizing effect of Reflexology encourages you to eat right, live right.

Less Stressed

Relaxing the body and improving health with Reflexology goes a long way toward helping to be less stressed emotionally, thus breaking the cycle of emotional stress that causes the physical stress that leads to illness (through blockages and inflammation).  Stress can cause symptoms that a typical doctor can't help because the problems are sub-clinical - not progressed far enough to be detected by medical tests. Rather than stressing more and waiting for worse problems to manifest, do Reflexology.  The specific reflexes for the symptoms in the neck, shoulders and the diaphragm can relax one from emotional stress.  However, other body ailments already may have been caused by the stress, so the full session for the whole body is so beneficial.

Hands are so Handy

If you prefer you can start with only the hands, which are so handy.  Press everywhere on your hands, every fraction of an inch, repeating more where you feel it more.  You only need to press deep enough for the 'good hurt' effect.  As you feel the positive results, Reflexology becomes second nature, as a relaxing habit, melting stress away and enabling you to handle all those daily stresses.

Power of the Ancient

It's good that with modern science we can invent new special instruments to alleviate disease. Electric devices can influence and help through the body's electro-chemical communication signals.  This can involve hormones, enzymes, the immune system, etc.  But let's not overlook the power of the ancient, natural and inherent Reflexology.  Through the miracle of the human body, Reflexology also works with these electrical signals to your advantage.  You will be amazed at the potency of this dynamic and quite comprehensive therapy.

DVD or Free

The DVD, available at, helps many people with its close-up demonstration of a full session.  You can learn more basics from the website blog for free and you can get your Self-help Reflexology questions answered at and at

First Choice

There are many other good, natural, complementary, therapeutic choices.  For help with stress you might like some acupressure (  My first choice is Reflexology because it works so well for the whole body and is free to do for oneself.  While it relaxes, reducing tension and inflammation, Reflexology helps relieve pain, normalize glands, improve functioning of organs, etc., etc.  It is part of the important lifestyle choices to empower yourself.  Or you can choose to receive professional Reflexology sessions.  Either way it's usually the more the better.  Of course it's not to be done on wounds or broken bones.  If one experiences a cleansing reaction, then continue but with shorter and lighter sessions.  Also, let’s not forget the benefit of positive stress for accomplishing life goals (

Full Circle

As Reflexology relaxes you and encourages the body's self-healing mechanisms, you may find your attitude toward life improving.  Your perspective may improve, giving clarity about the difference between what you can change in life versus what you need to be mature about and accept.

Thus going full circle:  Be Stress-Free with Reflexology.

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