Pressure gains return
Each nerve a willow treasure
Patient monsoon spring



The basis for this haiku is constant motion - from a reflexology perspective, that comes largely back to the idea that a unvarying input(s), long term, can be as damaging as directed sequential input(s) can be helpful. The author comes from a martial arts background with a smattering of Tai Chi, so the reference to circular motion is part of that as well, with base and motive states moving through comfort and discomfort. In that context, gains in terms of change in pressure achieving positive benefit, in terms of literal cycle through states and energy levels, and a tongue in cheek reference to the weight gains/gainz, which impact mobility, comfort, and mental state.

Nerve, or transmission, such that applied pressure, heat, and so on are tools for changing state. Management of position, with each referencing separation both of region, and of desired input: A willow's willingness to sway and come back to center, no matter the input, and willow treasure being also a reference to health as treasure, and the perceived fragile beauty of willow porcelain which was viewed in the states as being very delicate in the 1950s - but is generally some of the stronger porcelain, especially as compared to more ceremonial pieces. Combined with the previous line, the living is thus of malleable beauty, and worthy of care - something one can learn to directly interact with, or have others help with.

In this context, patient: Both patient in the doctor/patient relationship, and patient in terms of maintaining a flow state rather than a static one, avoiding both unhealthy static pressures, and RSI issues with the same set of motions always being the same. Here, monsoon because of the weather forms with safer variants, monsoon brings life, as well as the not-strictly-cyclic ebb and flow of the willow's bowing. Generally warm, comforting, and moving when the winds are gently.

Overall, an aim towards comfortable maintenance of self in the context of one's environment, to flow with, and redirect with rather than against, or static.

: -The Vac of Wetdryvac.net

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