"Where the two hands or the two feet touch when you put them together is the spine reflex?"


By spine reflexes I mean if you put the two edges of the thumb sides of your hands together, touching each other, that forms the spine reflex. The edge of the right hand would be for, reflex to, the right side of the spine. And the edge of the left hand to the left side of the spine. Of course this is easier to see on my DVD and chart explanations.
From top to bottom it matches, corresponding to the sequence in the body, since the hands and feet are a reflection of the body. The top part of the thumb corresponds to the head and then the next part of thumb reflexes lower to the neck and beginning of the spine. Next the increasing size at the bottom of thumb matches, reflexes to, the spine by the chest. Below that to the spine relating to the abdominal spine reflexes and then when the bone changes again a little before the wrist is for the spine reflexes to the hip and bottom of the spine.
And correspondingly, all this for the right side with reflexes at the edge of thumb side of the right hand.  And similarly for the spine reflexes on the feet, if you put the two edges of the big toe sides of the feet together.
This reflection marvel never disappoints and continues to fascinate.

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