"...super helpful! Already started pressing on points and noticing. Thank you Miriam!! How often do you do these?"

Great question.   I do some of it every day and more or full sessions other days.
Thanks to the hands being very handy, I do them more often.  Can be while watching a movie with family, while waiting on a line in a store, or while on the phone using the loudspeaker option.  While on the phone I might use a reflexology tool and dig in. 
This can all be just as a prevention, but then you notice that, ah my neck (or back, etc) feels better, ah, the body is more relaxed.  Often when my car keychain is handy, I might be in public with friends, I will use my reflexology tool that conveniently fits on the keychain ring.

Or you might be determined to do reflexology daily, several days a week, or several times a day to provide this natural self-help remedy.
One rule about the duration and frequency is that if you are not having any cleansing reaction or problem with it, then the more the better, only depending on how eager you are for the success. It only works if you do it.

One might experience a cleansing reaction, like a headache, nausea, runny nose, etc. The idea then is that one can still need and benefit from reflexology, but gentler with less time per session; however, all the more frequently.

On any particular reflex area, a few moments gets the process going, move to other reflexes and then come back to that previous one to do the area intermittently rather than all at once.  This makes good use of your internal feedback of which reflexes you feel more as you press them.  They are telling you they need it more.  You want to intermittently go back and repeat the ones you feel more.  During those interims before returning to a previous reflex, the body, having received the push, is actively working from within to heal itself.  Then, more reflexology nudges the process further.

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