Self-help is as close as your own two hands (let your fingers do the walking).  Yes, it is effective when you do it on your own feet.   And don't forget on your hands also.  

Receiving Reflexology is great, and can be soothing and relaxing.  Even a simple foot rub from a friend helps.   Professional know-how can provide in-depth specifics and technique.  However, we often don't have availability or finances to secure such help.   Self-help is available and free.  It can be especially effective because you receive immediate feedback from your own sensations while you work on your own hands and feet.  You can feel exactly which area and what angle needs more emphasis.  Then the simple rule that wherever you feel it more, you need it more, personalizes the session to your specific needs.

When I began studying Reflexology I went to a recommended Reflexologist to receive sessions.  She charted my areas that she could feel needed more help, but she missed reflex areas which I felt were important from my own sensations' feedback.  Then, over years of my own successful self-help, I found self-help Reflexology to be not only effective, but amazingly so.  Because Reflexology is amazing in itself, and never lets me down.

Doing the Reflexology on yourself, you can work at it more frequently, daily or even several times a day.  You can choose when to be more or less thorough.  You can use tools if your hands are not strong enough.  Also, you are in complete control of the degree of pressure, so as not to overdo it, and not stress yourself.

Help from Reflexology contributes to awareness of the need for other lifestyle improvements; so don’t rely solely on Reflexology, but also use other wholesome choices.

Try Reflexology and see!

Reflexology Haiku, Part 3
Energy flows through Gentle pressure on the feet,...
Can you let me know how to improve sleep and prevent anxiety and panic attacks, please.
Yes, a wonderful use of Reflexology. Reflexology is famous not only for pain relief, but also especially for relaxation and stress reduction...
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