Yes, a wonderful use of Reflexology.   Reflexology is famous not only for pain relief, but also especially for relaxation and stress reduction.

Do the full session for prevention, and feel calmer.  When you like, you can do only the feet or only the hands.  You may do it right before sleep or before some expected stress.  Or after some stress, use Reflexology and feel the relief and relaxation.

The mind and emotions can affect the body with tension, but in reverse, the relaxation of the body with Reflexology will benefit the mind and emotions.


Reflexology is great as prevention, remedy and maintenance.  The more you need it, the more dramatic results you may attain.  The overall sessions should be done, but especially be sure to check out the diaphragm solar plexus reflex area to help relaxation, stress relief and breathing.

One small but effective technique is to press the fingers tips of one hand against the finger tips of the other hand (like a spider on a mirror).  Press as firmly as you feel like doing.  You can do it several times a day and you will likely find that you are a calmer person and might not need to do it anymore.  One client was in great shape and health, an athlete, but after her Reflexology session she noted that she had sure needed the session to reduce her stress.

Of course other lifestyle improvements may be needed.  Do you need more water, a better diet, more exercise, meditation, etc?

Also see my blog post, “Be Stress-Free with Reflexology,” at:

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