Sure thing.  The hands and feet are a reflection of the body, so there's a reflex for everything.  

There are systems in the body like the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, etc.  So I consider the lumbar, hips, legs and feet as one system.   One chiropractor might say leg and feet problems start at the lumbar problem and another chiropractor would say the hip and leg problems start with the feet.  With Reflexology we can check it all out, realizing that there are interactions amongst these parts of the body.  They can affect each other.

As you do the Reflexology full searching session, getting feedback where the reflexes hurt more, you find out for the individual person which reflexes are needed more; not necessarily the same ones for each person.  From the lumbar reflex area starting just before the hip area, and all the way down to the heels and including the ankles, you find reflexes for this hips, legs and feet system (and correspondingly for hand reflexes).

Where you feel the reflex pain more, you need it more.  Work the reflexes, find relief.  You might help one area and later find you need another area also.  That's why you repeat the full searching session.  Some things cannot be accomplished all in one day.  But gratefully, see how you are better off, even though there may be more work to be done.

In addition to this system, there is the concept that the top can reflex to the bottom and the bottom to the top.  The shoulders and hips can reflex back and forth, as with the hands and feet, the legs and arms and the neck to behind and below the ankle.  So for ongoing maintenance and prevention, in addition to remedy . . . we are back to the worthy full session.

Often leg and foot problems require working this set of reflexes: lumbar, shoulders and the leg-knee reflexes.


Here's another idea, the organs have been said to throw off poisons and deposits to the limbs, causing the pain in the limbs.  Well then, you can tune up all the organs too and help your entire health, why not?

Have at it, some relief may come promptly, but try building upon regular, repeated Reflexology also.
Other modalities should not be ignored.  Perhaps you also need physical therapy, exercise or some lifestyle improvements.

Can you let me know how to improve sleep and prevent anxiety and panic attacks, please.
Yes, a wonderful use of Reflexology. Reflexology is famous not only for pain relief, but also especially for relaxation and stress reduction...
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