The movements in self help do not need to be according to a professional protocol. Which ever way it is convenient for you to get enough pressure to find which areas are more sensitive. You can use thumb, fingers or a dull tool.
You can use a finger walking motion or not.  You can press in a circular motion or press and lift off repeatedly, etc.

You might develop a favorite sequence with experience but that is not essential.  I might start with the fingers, then the diaphragm area and then the spine.  But it is okay to start with the area of immediate concern.

The length of time varies.  If one has a somewhat good lifestyle and diet, then it is not likely to have any cleansing reaction of built up, stored poisons being released and then eliminated.  So if there is no discomfort ---- then the more reflexology the better. It would then depend on how eager you are to be well.  Just don't do so much as to get black and blue, etc.  If there is any cleansing reaction like nausea, headache, etc, then do it for less time, shorter periods, but more often.

If not doing both hands and feet in one session, then do both of the hands or both of the feet for balance.  You don't want to leave one side of the body weaker by comparison.    Reflexology succeeds so dynamically that you want to emphasize a full session in order not skip areas in need.  One doesn't know for sure all the areas needing help just by the intellect.   Especially with all the interactions in the body, more areas need help than just the obvious.   But with reflexology the unidentified becomes obvious.  Simply because where the reflex areas hurt more you need it more.  You get immediate feed back from working on yourself.  You can emphasize the reflexes of the obvious area in need, but later on you will want to do a check up again with a full session.

The more you do it, the more you learn from experience.

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