The hands and feet are so compact, containing a reflection of the whole body.  In an hour you can press on every fraction of an inch on the hands and feet, indirectly reaching the whole body.  Body massage can be great, but a full body massage won't go deep enough at every point on the whole body in one hour. The reflexology effect is more dynamic and comprehensive.

In a full reflexology session you purposely use feedback of your own sensations.  You can slow down and emphasize where you feel it more.  Thus you can get  more results where you need it most.  The areas of emphasis may change from day to day as you progress. With new searching sessions, you discover your current needs.

And if you were to focus regular massage on just some part of the body that you think needs the help, well, that is ignoring all the interactions of the organs and glands. You might work on the area of the symptom but fail to help the area of the cause. Maybe the intestines are painful but maybe the cause was in earlier digestive problems originating in the liver.  Maybe with a headache symptom the cause was in the neck or stomach or intestines, etc.

With reflexology you don't have to guess. You don't have to diagnose.  Give yourself a full session and then wherever you feel the reflexes hurt more, you need it more. You end up not only with recovery, but also with a therapy that provides maintenance and prevention.

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