You can begin to learn Reflexology simple and easy by my Simbi deal offer for 25 simbi.  This includes my responding with answers to your questions.  Or one can buy the excellent DVD I made on self-help reflexology.   Or both.

Self-help through reflexology is wonderful.   There are many books on the market to study more in depth.  However, my instruction through Simbi and/or with my 
DVD gets you started with hands-on action right away.  I demystify reflexology for the lay person.  With further study you can learn more from an intellectual point of view or learn to be a professional to work on others.  To be a professional, there are well known schools to certify you

To purchase the 
Self-Help Reflexology DVD, purchase on line at or by phone.

To receive free Reflexology instruction from Miriam over Simbi:
If you are reading this and don't have a Simbi account, you can sign up for free. 
Trade your skills for services! 
Offer a service using my link --- --- to start with 75 credits which can be exchanged for any service on Simbi — the world’s largest service-trading network.

Once you are a Simbi member, follow prompts to find Miriam Turner or look for: self-help reflexology - how to.

Just in case you are a member and the prompts are not obvious to you, here is your 'how to':

Search to:
You can search by topic, by title or "see all services"

Search by putting in a topic (like Reflexology) by the magnifying glass search symbol.  
Tap (on cell phone) or hover (on desktop) and Click:
Click:   Start a Conversation
Converse at:   SEND INQUIRY
You can propose a deal then or later after more conversation 
Click:    Send

Or you can search by specific title such as ’Self -Help Reflexology - how to' at magnifying glass search symbol, then continue as before to:  
Start a Conversation
Or search to see all the services.  It is fun; there are so many services available on Simbi.  Look and see:

Search to:
Choose:   All Services
Scroll down to find one of interest to you
Tap (on cell phone) or hover (on desktop) and Click
Click:   Start a Conversation
Converse at:   SEND INQUIRY
You can propose a deal then or later after more conversation 
Click:    Send

Follow prompts.  Good luck.


Further develop leads at ‘All Services’ by clicking the heart, favoriting any ones that interest you.  

Helping you out is what appears to be your automatic Simbi secretary.  You will receive email taking you to a page that shows you who hearted/favorited you.  It’s great to see that some of the same people you favorited, favorited you.  Wonderful leads just clicks away from deals.  Reach this same page:  by clicking a link at the top of your inbox page:  the Simbi symbol (“Matching Game”).  Once on that page you will also see how to:  Play the Matching Game!
Also at your inbox page, on the upper right-hand corner dropdown from your name, click ‘Your Favorites’.  This takes you to: for you to see listed all those you hearted/favorited.  And it shows whether they favorited you. 

In both cases, choose someone and advance to their page to start a conversation, likely leading to a wonderful deal.  


Complete deals started.
Completing a deal you offered gives you more simbi earned.

Plus, more advertising, because when someone scrolls through deals on the home page, information about your deal offers goes to top of the rotation every time you complete a deal. 
You also get more reviews on your page, the more deals you complete.

Leadership Badge
In a given month, if you are in the top 3 for quantity of deals at the end of the month, then, Congratulations! You will have your leadership badge.  It's fun. It will be displayed on your Simbi page.
Will it be bronze, silver, or gold? You can easily take just a few more deals, like my free, pay-it-forward Reflexology deal. Be at the top of the top three, number one, and you go for the gold. It doesn't matter, just nice.

How to request a recommendation.
If you go to the top of someone's Simbi page and click “follow,” then you become friends.   Click recommendations in your Simbi page drop-down, be sure to scroll down, and then it lets you request a recommendation from a friend!


How to recommend.
It works both ways.
The other person can click “follow” at the top of your Simbi page.  And then similarly scroll down on the recommendations page and request a recommendation of them from you.

Help topics, take the quiz, then offer skills.
Look at more options on your Simbi page, there is lots of information to check out.  One option says, ‘Help topics.’  One option there is:
‘What if I don't have any skills to offer?’
Well yes you do, as it then says:
Everyone has something to offer! Take our Skill Quiz to discover your hidden talents and get inspired.
Note some placements of dropdowns and clicks can appear different on cellphones versus desktops.

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