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          Algae [Bio Superfood]    
          Astrology [Annie McCausland - contact Miriam]    
          Ayurvedic Products [Tarika]    
              Cell phone protection [Pulsor] [Southern Herb-Ener-G- Polari-T]
    ConcenTrace [Trace Minerals Research]
              Earthing [Earthing]    
          EMF Protection [Pulsor] [Southern Herb-Ener-G- Polari-T]    
          Electronics for health [HTE]    
    Essential oils [Young Living]    
    Green drinks [Macrolife Naturals] [Moringa]    
    Intestinal cleanser [Oxypowder] [Global Healing Center]    
    Miracle II Soap, etc [Global Light] [Southern Herb]    
    Moringa [Green powder, seeds, capsules and oil]    
    Negative Ion clothing [Nefful]    
    Oxypowder-intestinal cleanser [Global Healing Center]    
    Pine Tar soap [Kreamy Soap]    
    Rebounder-mini trampoline [Needak]    
    Reflexology [DVD, tools, charts, etc]    
        Renegade Health show [Live Awesome]    
        Skill Trading [Simbi]    
    Supplements, foods, etc [Clar8ty] [Global Healing Center] [Global Light]    
          [LiveAwesome] [PrimeMyBody] [Southern Herb]    
    Trace minerals [Trace Minerals Research - ConcenTrace]
    Trampoline chair [Allfit]  
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