Miriam does REFLEXOLOGY best of anyone I have ever known because she has so much knowledge about the human anatomy. Strength and gentleness combined. Magic fingers know exactly what is needed. It's a scientific approach and a spiritual level is apparent. She reaches all three: physical, causal and etheric. Liquidity is food for life on this planet. It combines in a scientific way the necessary ingredients to heal the ills of the body, mind and spirit. It's processed without heat or ethanol so enzymes are fresh. Liquidity goes to the zip code for what body needs to be in good health. I've been taking the Liquivida for 2 and 1/2 years. I'm off medication for the heart. My hearing has improved and I've much more energy than I had when I was much younger! It makes me feel well nourished. ... Peggy R

    I can't say enough good things about Miriam Turner and the help she's given me and my family. She introduced me to essential oils and I've been using them almost daily for years. I buy the Miracle II soap from her by the gallon because the whole family loves it, especially my teenagers for problem skin. She has provided my family with treatments and training in reflexology, a therapy that has been invaluable to us. We have been using the Chi Machine we purchased through her for years and thoroughly love it. This is just a partial list of all the health helps Miriam has introduced to me. She is a great friend and mentor and has been an invaluable resource to me for effective health products at the best prices. ... Tami C    

I couldn't function with out Liquidity's Liqui Vida. It alleviates so many things. It has to do with the brain and emotions. It calms so as not to get upset; it prevents depression. I cannot keep my body managed with out a routine of it. Otherwise I have muscle aches in my spine, back and legs. My hands and feet would swell. With Liqui Vida I have normal functioning, physically highly functional.

With Miriam's Reflexology sessions I feel like I get the results of a whole body massage. Some people don't like to have their body handled as in a full massage. It makes me tense because of modesty. Reflexology is the absolute answer if you are not a massage receiving type person. It does the same thing and actually goes beyond that. It actually does some other things of healthy value very differently also. Miriam is one of the few people I am comfortable having work on me. Most people don't know what to do with reflexology. Miriam has extensive depth of experience and studies from around the world. Other reflexologists may hurt you. Miriam's has sensitivity. She knows the right pressure to get the job done.

Miriam uses essential oils and I find them very helpful. My favorite oil is thieves. I never travel without it because it is a wonderful preventative especially in other countries.
... S
andy C

Miriam Turner's efforts over several years have accelerated my recovery from brain stem surgery by about 400%.

The Miracle ll products keep my body alkalized, thus supporting steady improvement. The Gel is my most effective deodorant. I also rub the gel on my gums for healthy gums, then move it around my mouth, finally swallowing it as tho it were Neutralizer drops. Miriam also validates my many nutritional directions and is able to offer for purchase quality supplements. The relaxing and curative reflexology session, administered regularly in my home, bring progress and deeper insights regarding healing.

As a service-oriented business woman and product researcher, Miriam's impressively wide knowledge base about health and attitude is accompanied by unwavering integrity and compassion. My brain surgeon considers me his biggest miracle, but I consider finding Miriam Turner mine. -Kathleen Lowndes, Public Speaker/Author

    If I have a headache and put the essential oil on my forehead, it lessens the pain. When my six year old daughter gets growing pains, I wrap the negative ion eye mask (made out of the Nefful blanket) on her wrist or leg and she goes right back to sleep.

When I get a low back nagging ache by the vertebrae, The HTE Electro Reflex Energizer pads release the tension and gives energy there. While I sit at my computer I turn on the ERE and use the foot part. It keeps me energized and I do not get the computer stress. Everyone using a computer should just turn it on and let it work on the feet while one works on the computer with the mind and hands--your feet might as well get the benefit! ... Georgette B

What a wonderful wonderful experience my first reflexology session has been. Why did I wait till I was 75 to experience such a great relaxing soothing feeling? While my feet were massaged, I noticed Miriam's hands would go over an area in my feet which she had already done, but she would do it in a slightly different way(Miriam tells me she likes to be thorough, use various techniques and work from different angles). Then, amazing-- the feeling in my feet would be in a wonderful new way. Thank you Miriam. ... Espe Gallinger
    Miriam’s the best in Reflexology! Both my husband and I have benefited from her hands-on expertise as well as the “homework” she gives so that you can do-it-yourself, Plus her video/DVD is most helpful in the self help reflexology area. Also of great assistance are the reflexology tools she carries. They are quite good generally and especially in cases where one does not have a great deal of strength in their hands.

MIRACLE II is great! I’ve used the soap with moisturizer and the gel – both soothing and healing!

Young Living essential oils are of the highest quality. The toothpaste is the very best I’ve found.

OXY Powder finally got rid of a 30-year laxative habit! I use a maintenance dose and am very pleased with the product.

The NEFFUL knee wrap has made a real difference – a 90% improvement in my stiff, painful, swollen knee – works for me! ... Leanne A.

    Wonderful, terrific! Although skeptical in having a treatment at first, Miriam quickly dissolved my hesitation. During the reflexology treatment I wanted more. I could feel a surge of energy pass through my arms into my fingers and palm. It felt like water pouring through my pores. I knew that the toxins were flushing out of the body. Although some discomfort at first, I did not realize until I stood up that I felt light as a feather, like walking on air! It felt wonderful almost like a magical, surgical treatment had taken place. You won't know how effective a treatment can be until you experience Miriam, the miracle worker of reflexology. Thank you, Miriam, for the experience and healing! ... Nancy K.

Miriam, your explanation and demonstrations on Reflexology are excellent! Even better than hands-on in a live class. Really! I have taken the workshop in S.D. twice and I believe that I got more out of your DVD... not that I didn't learn a lot from the class, I did... I do not think of myself as a slow learner. To me, you simplified the practice of Reflexology! Yes, you do make it look easy. And, I found it to be much easier to do it correctly watching your video. My favorite mode of learning is through visual application. You certainly are a professional! The affect of Reflexology is very effective! ... Nancy K.

    Reflexology: My first experience with reflexology was in Mumbai. I went to a city trip that we had to walk all day long and after a while it became nearly a torture other than sight seeing. My legs were in incredible pain and by luck the guide gave 30 mins break where I saw a massage center. I walked in and since I did not have much time I wanted a short reflexology massage. After 30 mins of massage I had no pain on my legs at all. It was like a miracle. When I walked out of the massage center I kept the amazing experience and the name in my mind, REFLEXOLOGY.

In my second trip to India I miraculously met Miriam and she gave me reflexology lessons. Now I had that amazing healing technique within my hands and use it whenever or where ever I want. After start applying the techniques I had no more leg pains. Reflexology also fixed my digestive problems and sleeping disorders. Now, whenever I apply reflexology I thank Miriam for being so kind to teach me. ... Evren

    I had the good fortune to receive a 'free sample' of Miriam's skills, at an Art event held at RAINBOW STEW, a few weeks ago. In just a few moments, she took away all of the chronic pain in my right knee. This joint has been a pain, ever since I messed it up years ago, while finishing up the Library in the house, (I protected the falling books, not me). This relief lasted for a week, after which, the simple lesson that she taught me, has allowed me to manage it myself. With gratitude I can recommend this person to help those who suffer. ... Ida F.

Dear Miriam,
Since I started to use your video on Reflexology, I have learned a lot and I love to do it. I practice Reflexology on my family, friends ,and myself. Some of my friends are happy, and feel relieved from conditions such as external hemorrhoids, sciatic nerve pain, body aches, and many more illnesses. Each day I learn new techniques on how to help treat other conditions. I am very happy I have your tool (DVD) that assists me on my work that I do.
... -M.O.

    As a practitioner of yoga, when I stretched in the days following reflexology treatments from Miriam, I felt that my body was able to release a layer of rock hard stored resistance and supported a new ease within my structure, both in yoga postures and in the movements of day to day life. I also felt an inner fluidity and a feeling that my entire body was connected and operating as one. Specifically, my neck's range of motion increased by about fifty percent. Also, symptoms of tension involving my left eye eased within days of receiving my first reflexology treatment. ... Ann Moureau

    Miriam is fantastic. Not only does the reflexology she provides feel so incredibly relaxing and soothing, but also it addresses areas of my body that need some healing attention. It is both an art and a science no doubt. The result is an extremely happy, healthy & grateful customer.

Miriam cares a whole lot & that is very obvious when receiving treatment from her. Her skill level is so high. Thank you, Miriam! ... Lori

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